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Chris Ursitti and The Coppercat- Leviathaniel HD

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

After much feverish editing, compressing, re-compressing, and general wrangling, I have successfully uploaded one of the songs from the forthcoming album, “Doubly,” to the YouTube TheCoppercat Channel!

I am very excited…this video might be one of the trippiest things I’ve ever seen.

SUPER stoked that it’s the video element to one of our best new songs.

Chris Ursitti is one of my favorite collaborative partners; his style is intense, and yet refined; often he uses shamanic/mandala themes recurring amidst torrents of color and awash with psychedelic twinkles.

When I watch this, I feel the benevolent blue Jedi apparition of M.C. Escher, floating overhead, smiling.

Chris Ursitti, a.k.a. Kit Chaos, and The Coppercat Video Collaboration- SpaceGirl

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Kit Chaos, aka Chris Ursitti, Blur Mandala 2006

Since working with one of Electric Sheep‘s most infamous Shepherds, fractal artist and painter  Chris Ursitti, on an independent full-length forthcoming DVD (SpaceWalker), ideas had proliferated about a secondary collaboration….Chris and I had enjoyed working together, and are enjoying the benefits of internet-based collaboration; he’s working from Woodstock, NY, whilst I’ve been able to telecommute to the project from Alameda, CA.  (And Dr. Moses Wolfenstein, PhD, aka Moses Operandi, chimes in from Madison, WI, as our star keyboardist/percussionist/accordionist/vibrophonist)

After some considerable conceptual tennis, we’re proud to show you the first public release of this secondary, twelve-minute-long new video collaboration, entitled and themed “Spacegirl.”

SPACEGIRL from Kit Chaos on Vimeo.

It is a mix of genres and styles, old and new– with classic early 1990′s Rave culture being a locus for the project’s intention.  The Spacegirl song is from an uptempo Podcast, entitled Spaceship Green, of years past…It was originally a transition between two other Coppercat songs in an hour-long, continually mixed set.

I love making music, and find it deeply satisfying to create new and exciting material, but nothing is as exciting as accidentally making something so interesting that it self-evolves.  This song just kept reifying itself until it had its own identity…

Very biological, if you ask me.

An identity, almost like an organism, which is formulated by two different entities sharing common code….Jeez, this is getting Sci-Fi in a hurry.

And now it has a video?

Go Spacegirl, Go!

And yes, we’ve already received so many requests for a follow up video, Spaceboy, that it’s already under production.

-Jeremy Richardson, Caterwaul: the Coppercat blog, October 8, 2010